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Preview image for video: How our people are responding to the coronavirus challenge

Vicky Taylor-Plane –

May 16, 2020

How our people are responding to the coronavirus challenge

Watch this film for an overview of how our University of Manchester staff, students and alumni are responding to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it presents. A communications and marketing campaign launched in March to highlight how our people are playing a collaborative part in the local, national and global effort in response to the biggest global challenge the world has faced for decades. This campaign shines a spotlight on our University values in action across three areas: 1. Highlighting the innovation and pioneering spirit of our researchers in the fight against COVID-19 2. Celebrating the courage and humanity of our staff, students and alumni at the front line of the volunteering, health and social care response to COVID-19 3. Sharing the knowledge and wisdom of our staff, students and alumni to provide support and advice during this time of crisis. We are keen to hear of any story ideas you may have. These might include examples of our research response to COVID-19 or examples of our people volunteering to help during the crisis. If you have a story about how our people are responding to COVID-19 please contact Find out more at: Film produced in collaboration with the Office for Social Responsibility. A short edit of the film was shown at the May 2020 Making A Difference Awards. Content and narration: Vicky Taylor-Plane, Corporate Campaigns Manager, Division of communications and Marketing Technical production and editing: David Walker, Media Production Technician, Media Services